Desiccant Kit For High Pressure Hand Pump

If you use a high-pressure hand pump, you know that moisture in the air can form condensation that can cause internal corrosion if it enters the air gun—a problem that can lead to leakage and expensive resealing repairs. The Benjamin Desiccant Kit provides a simple and effective solution. 

Simply screw it onto the base of your Benjamin high-pressure hand pump in place of the sintered air filter. The silica material absorbs moisture, ensuring that your air rifle remains dry during every fill. The kit includes two silica packets that should be changed every 3-4 months—more or less depending on your local humidity and how frequently you use your high-pressure hand pump. When the silica needs to be changed, it turns pink. You can reuse the silica after drying it in the oven—check the instructions for details.


  • Compatible only with Benjamin and PCP air gun pumps
  • Reduces moisture that condensates in the pump
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Includes two reusable silica packs

Get the Tools You Need

This kit is a useful accessory for those who use high-pressure pumps, especially those who live in humid areas. If you don’t have a pump or compressor yet, find the air gun refilling equipment you need at Benjamin Airguns. We carry a wide range of other high-quality air gun accessories, and orders over $99 include free shipping. Using a high-pressure hand pump is very convenient, letting you recharge your Benjamin air gun with ease. With this desiccant kit in place, you can refill with confidence, even on those sticky days in the field. Get yours today.

More Information
Hand Pump Desicant Kit (HPDESIKT) Owner's Manual View / Download

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