For over a century and a half, Benjamin has built airguns out of hardwood and steel, experience and ingenuity. Each is designed to be personalized and to grow to fit your hands
Like the people who use them, each Benjamin is a true original.
There are millions of Benjamins, but none exactly like yours. See what’s possible with the airgun for originals.

Artist: Richard Dudek
Completed Date: 05/23/2021
Base Model: Benjamin Armada BTAP25
Custom built for Benjamin Senior Product Manager Phillip Guadalupe, this Armada features an air tube, barrel, and hand guard all chopped back to 6". Add in a folding stock and forward hand grip plus a door breacher muzzle break and you've got yourself a killer, one-of-a-kind rifle. Even with all the mods, this delivers the same performance and shot count as the factory-release model.
Artist: Richard Dudek
Completed Date: 10/14/2021
Base Model: Benjamin Marauder Pistol BP2220
Incorporating a specific power tune by Benjamin PCP Line Manager Shawn Pragle, this true original boasts a velocity of 710 FPS through ten shots, without machine work. Its one-of-kind stock is a Tom West design that stands out, particularly with the addition of a Tanto moderator from DonnyFL and an extended shroud adaptor that both looks great and makes filling easier.
Artist: Richard Dudek
Completed Date: 09/10/2021
Base Model: Benjamin Bulldog BPBD3S
Based on a high caliber weapon known for long-range accuracy, this Bulldog mod brings the power to the hunt. The .257 hammer-forged barrel is custom machined and installed with aluminum barrel supports, as is the charging bolt...
Artist: Richard Dudek
Completed Date: 05/10/2021
Base Model: Benjamin Akela BPA22W
Lighter, longer, and pushed to the max, this Akela mod features a new aluminum air reservoir with 3.5" more capacity than the stock version. What's more, it's a full pound lighter, with a truncated barrel shroud cut down to the threaded muzzle. With the added TKO 1" moderator, its floating barrel becomes a tensioned barrel, too. All told, a beauty to behold and to fire!


The first Benjamin was a true original, and so was its creator, Walter R. Benjamin.

Over the next couple of decades, Walter Benjamin dialed in his designs, producing air rifles through Wissler Instrument Company and the St. Louis Air Rifle Company before forming the Benjamin Air Rifle Company in St. Louis in 1902. Benjamin’s line of products expanded. That included the introduction of the Super CO2 pistol, powered by disposable cylinders manufactured in our own factory instead of generic or refillable ones.

Nearly a century later, in 1977, Benjamin purchased Sheridan Products to add their airgun designs to the arsenal. Both companies were acquired by Crosman in 1992 and then became part of the Velocity Outdoor family. Over the 150 years that Benjamin airguns have been part of the hunting world, they’ve fueled a loyal family of hands-on hunters and ingenious improvers.