Safety Guidelines

Make safety your most important priority when handling, transporting, storing, and shooting airguns. Make it a routine to follow all the rules of safe gun handling. Always be aware of the airgun, your surroundings, and those people around you.

A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO PARENTS TRADITIONAL AIRGUNS THAT SHOOT LEAD PELLETS AND STEEL BBS ARE NOT TOYS. Personal injury or death can result from improper handling if a pellet or BB strikes someone in a vulnerable spot. We are concerned that all users learn to use AIRGUNS properly without injury to themselves or others. You may be able to obtain further information for instruction in shooting from one or more of the following groups: Boy Scouts of America, National Rifle Association, conservation clubs, gun clubs, 4-H Clubs, or hunter safety groups.

Adult supervision is ALWAYS required when any type of AIRGUN is in use

ALWAYS know your state and local laws concerning the use of AIRGUNS

ALWAYS treat the AIRGUN as though it is loaded and ready to fire

ALWAYS treat AIRGUN with the same respect you would a firearm

ALWAYS store the AIRGUN unloaded and away from children


ALWAYS keep the muzzle of the AIRGUN pointed in a SAFE DIRECTION

ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until ready to shoot

ALWAYS keep the AIRGUN "ON SAFE" until you are ready to shoot

ALWAYS check to see if the AIRGUN is "ON SAFE" and unloaded when removing it from storage

ALWAYS check to see if the AIRGUN is "ON SAFE" and unloaded when handing it to, or receiving it from another person

ALWAYS have you and others wear shooting glasses to protect your eyes

ALWAYS wear shooting glasses over eye glasses or prescription glasses

ALWAYS place a shooting backstop in a location that will be safe should the backstop fail

ALWAYS check your backstop for wear before and after each use. All backstops are subject to wear and will eventually fail. Replace your backstop if the surface is worn or damaged, or if a ricochet occurs

ALWAYS use the proper size ammunition in your AIRGUN. Check the markings on your AIRGUN to verify the ammo size

NEVER point the AIRGUN at any person or at anything you do not intend to shoot

NEVER reuse ammunition

NEVER shoot at hard surfaces or at the surface of water. The ammo may bounce off or ricochet and hit someone or something you had not intended to hit

NEVER attempt to disassemble or tamper with your AIRGUN. Use an Authorized Service Station. Using an unauthorized service or repair center, or modifying the function of your AIRGUN in any way, may be unsafe and will void your warranty

NEVER change the coloration and markings of an AIRGUN to make it look more like a firearm

NEVER brandish or display an AIRGUN in public - Police officers and others may think it is a firearm