Frequently Asked Questions

General Airgun Questions

Why am I unable to break my "crack barrel" (break barrel airgun)?

You're likely trying to simply pull it down. Doing so may bend the barrel. Here is the proper method:

Brace the butt of the rifle high on your leg, slap the end of the barrel hard enough to open the breech, then pull down on the end of the barrel.

I just got a Benjamin High Pressure Tank. What is the label with all the letters & numbers?

This label contains critical information for those who may be filling or service your tank. Never cover the label with decals or paint.

Why am I having accuracy issues with my break barrel?

Break barrels are a little different from other airguns, and very different from standard firearms. Here are some tips that should help with the accuracy.

  • Break In Period - up to 250 shots. This will burn off excess oil, work the barrel latch to make it close consistently, and “season” the barrel for better accuracy.
  • Do not clean the air rifle or use any firearm products on the gun. Cleaning solutions and firearm oils will eat away/weaken guns seals.
  • Recoil and vibration can cause screws to lessen. Check them periodically. Two in Forearm - One in Trigger Guard - One in Breech Block.
  • Try a variety of pellets. The make/type of pellet can affect performance. A pellet assortment pack is a good way to start out.
  • Shooting Technique: Let the gun recoil and vibrate freely. Unlike other air rifles, you should hold your break barrel loosely when you fire. Do not pull it in hard to shoulder, do not strangle the forearm or rest on a hard surface. Maintain your form all the way through the shot.

What's the deal with your shipping policy?

If we don't ship to your zip code, there's usually a very good reason for it. Some areas have local restrictions or regulations that prevent us from shipping directly to your door and in most cases, this can be solved by providing us with the address of a local Federal Firearms License holder (FFL) to receive your airgun.

International Orders

For orders we do not ship outside the United States. Sorry. We'd love to's complicated. Please order from your local dealer because they will know exactly what is legal to own in your country.

How do I order parts online?

We do not currently offer the ability to order parts online. Parts may only be ordered by contacting Customer Service at (877) 426-3423.

Do you recommend cleaning pellets and if so, how?

We do not recommend cleaning of our pellets. While we have heard of shooters doing this, we know of no big improvement from cleaning.

Is RMCOIL 100% silicone?

The product we sell as RMCOIL is made 100% from a Dow Corning product that is in the family of chemicals called Silicone. We can provide a safety data sheet if requested for this material. In it you will see they list the “Substance name” as “Dimethyl, phenylmethyl siloxane, trimethyl-terminated”.

What other types of oil can I use in my airgun?

We only recommend our Pellgun and RMCOIL products for maintaining our airguns - they have been proven through the test of time. There is no "off the shelf" equivalent.

Can I purchase parts for my Benjamin Hand Pump direct from you?

No, please email [email protected] for parts and warranty support. (Is this email still active? Would it make sense to change this so customers can buy parts direct from us?)

How do you recommend I clean the barrel on my BB gun and how often?

Short Answer

There is no compelling reason to clean the barrel, so don’t.

Long Answer

Because airguns operate with a blast of air, most small particles of residue are blown out of the barrel as the airgun is fired. Occasionally, the bore should be swabbed out with a clean, dry patch. I use no solvents on airgun bores because of the danger of the solvent getting into the valves. The valve seats are usually made of some sort of plastic or rubbery material that can be damaged by cleaning solvents. Just push a dry patch through the bore a couple of times to remove any small particles of lead or other material. Do not allow any gun cleaning solvent to enter the pump mechanism or cylinder compartment of an air or CO2 gun.

Really Long Answer for the self-proclaimed expert, that won’t accept the good advice in the first two answers

Here is some more specific advice:

You generally do not clean an airgun barrel. One initial cleaning when the gun is brand new, may be all you ever need. It is better to under clean, than over clean. Depending on your equipment you can damage the rifling or more important the Crown (the very end of the rifling, as you exit the barrel).

The only reason to clean a barrel is if you feel the accuracy has been reduced from what is normally expected.

Do not use an uncoated steel rod or steel brushes in inside of a steel barrel, a brass rod is OK. If it is a Brass Benjamin or Sheridan, some type of plastic “pull though” fishing line or use a wooden rod to push a patch through. A one piece aluminum cleaning rod may also work. There is even less reason to clean a Benjamin, just leave it alone.

Use only a clean, dry “cleaning patch” of the proper size.

All of our PCP guns that have a magazine have an internal O-ring in the barrel; Care must be taken to not damage this 0-ring. I only use a” pull though” type and start at the muzzle end. Only use a dry patch.

What not to use: Do not use any firearms gun cleaning solvents. Do not use Silicon oil.

Some have reported good results using Ballistol or Simple Green as a cleaner. I have not tested this on all our guns so I am hesitant to recommend it, best to stick with the dry patch.

Benjamin Marauder Questions

What are the factory settings for adjusting the velocity on the 2014 Benjamin Marauder?


Can the Benjamin Marauder be filled with nitrogen?


I have an SCBA tank, will it work with the Benjamin Marauder?

Unfortunately we do not have an adaptor that has the fitting for thescba tank’s. There are a number of dealers online that sell a solution.

Many, but not all, SCBA tanks use the CA 347 fitting, without seing yours we cannot say. We can tell you is you need an adaptor that has a Foster Female Quick-Disconnect on one end to connect to our product.

One dealer that may be able to help is Joe Brancato of His phone number is (714) 907-0067.

We have no connecting to this vendor and this information is provided as a courtesy. Crosman is not liable or assumes any responsibility for any damage to property or personal injury.

How do I load the Benjamin Marauder magazine?

Lift the clear cover over the catch point and rotate in the direction of the arrows (clockwise) per Figure 6A. Turn until the cover appears as shown in Figure 6B.

Place a finger under the magazine, covering the hole, and place the first pellet in the magazine, nose first (Fig. 6C). Make certain the pellet does not protrude out the back of the magazine. In the event the pellet does protrude simply push the pellet inward.

Rotate the cover counter clockwise and place the remaining pellets into the magazine. Upon completion of filling the remaining positions rotate the cover until it comes to rest at the catch point as shown in figure 6D. The magazine is now ready for use.


Can the baffles of the 2014 Marauder be used in the older model?

Yes the new baffles could be used, but all the old baffles would need to be replaced by a new set, plus replace the old O-ring with the new spring.

Is the barrel or the shroud on any of the Marauders made of stainless steel?


Is the barrel or shroud on any of the Marauders made of stainless steel?


What is the outside diameter of the Marauder .25 caliber barrel produced by Green Mountain?

Approximately 1/2 inch.

Is the air reservoir tube on the Benjamin Marauder made of aluminum or steel?


My Marauder Pistol (model #BP2220) does not keep pressure longer than two days.

It sounds like the O-ring (Spacer) in the gauge port assembly ( the part that connects to the Nanometer).

Here is the assembly drawing from the EVP. We know of no wide spread issue with leaking in this area on the Marauder pistol. When the O-ring is replace the technician needs to be careful not the damage the new seal as it moves past the port hole.


I have a 2014 Marauder and the stock has a small scratch. What could I use to repair this scratch?

The Marauder finish speciation is a “catalyzed lacquer”. We do not recommend a specific Manufacture or Product. We also cannot give any instruction or guidance on how to perform such a repair.

I'm getting a puff of air out of the pressure tube cap in my Marauder when I shoot. I've replaced the O-ring but that did not take care of the problem. What gives?

Replacing a missing O-ring in the breech end of the barrel is the common fix for a "puff of air" when the gun is shot. If the operator fires a Marauder without the bolt being closed, this O-ring can be forced out. Since this did not fix the gun, it needs to be repaired by a Service Station or returned to Crosman. All other repairs that may fix this issue will require disassembly of the gun and unfortunately is not something that can be explained over the phone.

Will the pressure tube (#1764-001) from the second generation Marauder rifles fit the first generation rifles and replace that tube (#1763-001)?

No, they will not.

I can't find moly graphite grease in my local sporting goods store. Can I use a super lube as a replacement for my Marauder?

No. Check with a hardware or auto supply store, not a sporting goods store.

We repaired a Marauder (.25 cal) for a person 3 to 4 months ago. The airgun was leaking and the problem was that the 1763-104 was badly pitted. We replaced the part and it held. The person has sent th

I don’t think anything is wrong with the gauge port assembly, it is doing exactly what we want when someone is pumping water into the gun. We have seen a couple of these units rust and it is more to do with the hand pump and how and where it is used.

The best solution is to steer this customer to a Compressed air tank set up. If they had this issue in just three months of use, they must be using it multiple times per day, every day.

One thing to recommend is the user take a break after 50 pumps to let the pump cool down. Also operate the pump slow and steady when pumping. The hotter it gets, the more moisture it will generate. When bleeding the hand pump, they should open the valve screw rapidly, so that the moisture will be blown out of the base.

Any pump on the market will pull moisture from the air if it is hot and humid. One way to relieve this is to use the hand pump in an air conditioned area.

This being a .25 Caliber gun isn’t helping things, as you get fewer shots per fill.

I still think the hand pump is one of the better solution for filling a gun. We have sold a lot of pumps and the majority of the users have not had this issue. In some cases like this a Scuba or HPA tank may be better suited as the primary means of filling the gun, and keep the hand pump as a back-up.

How do I install the Benjamin Rifle Sling on a break barrel gun?

Our break barrel rifle sling has mounting hardware for the rear sling post on the gun and strap & buckle for the forward sling loop.

Loosen the sling post hardware by unscrewing the security screw. Push the knob so the gate opens. Swing the gate so the hardware can be inserted into the post. Swing the gate back into position and tighten the security screw.

Now run the tag end of the strap through the forward end and back through the buckle. Adjust to fit.

What is the effective range of the .357 Bulldog?

The acceptable range from the shooter to target, for any hunting gun depends on many factors including the ammunition used, the hunter's skill, accuracy of the gun as well as the size of the kill zone (kz).

In the right conditions, from my experience using the .357 Nosler bullet (medium size game with 4” KZ), I would be comfortable out to around 80 yards. If you zero your Bulldog at 42 yards you will get a “point blank range” of 15 to 47 yards, and the bullet will drop around 8 inches at 80 yards. 

What is the maximum pellet length that will fit the Bulldog .357 magazine?


What are the average settings (or starting points) for adjusting the velocity on the new Benjamin Marauder?

Tables can't be imported directly. Please insert an image of your table which can be found here.

Benjamin Bulldog Questions

What are the barrel specifications of the Benjamin Bulldog .357?

It is 1:14 RH twist, 6 lands/grooves.

Are there plans for a single shot tray for the Benjamin Bulldog .357?

Not at this time.

Can you tell me the diameter and tolerances of the lands and grooves of the Benjamin Bulldog .357?

No, we consider that proprietary information. What I can tell you is that it is designed to shoot soft cast bullets (with no copper jacket) of .357 caliber. We have had good results with bullet weights between 125 and 190 grains in the 0.357"/0.358" range.

Obsolete Benjamin Model Questions

How large is the air reservoir on the Benjamin Discovery?

135 cc

The bolt handle moves sometimes when I shoot my Discovery Rifle! If flops up a little, but does not open, is that normal?

Yes, this is normal.

This something we have heard about in the past. It happens on some guns and not on others. There is nothing but gravity holding the handle down but if the bolt doesn’t open, there is no malfunction.

It is possible for the O-ring on the bolt nose to be missing and if this is the case, a replacement may be purchased from Customer Service.

Where can I buy the Benjamin Rogue?

Production of the Rogue ended in November 2013.