Spare Mag for Semi-Auto Marauder (Model: RCSAM22)

This auto-indexing Marauder clip makes reloading your Benjamin Marauder Semi-Automatic PCP air rifle a quick, quiet, and straightforward process. The semi-auto Marauder is famous for its rapid-fire capability, and this spare magazine complements that functionality, allowing you to operate faster and more efficiently when every second counts. Keep a few spare mags ready in your pack or pocket so you never have to deal with noisy ammo tins in the field. These are also great for range shooting and backyard plinking — you don’t realize how convenient they are until you start using them. Keep a few loaded so they’re always ready for the next adventure.


  • Spare semi-automatic Marauder clip 
  • .22-caliber
  • Auto-indexing clip 
  • Holds ten rounds
  • Reload your semi-auto Marauder quickly, quietly, and easily

Stay Focused on the Hunt

Benjamin Airguns is a historical brand with more than a century of rich heritage, ingenuity, and innovation. Our distinctive air guns are designed to be personalized, grow to fit your hands, and be passed down to the next generation of air gunners. Every product we create comes from a place of pride and honor, and our standards for quality and performance couldn’t be higher.

Grab some top-quality air rifle ammo to keep your Marauder clip loaded and ready for action. Explore our air gun parts and accessories to customize your setup. Once you start carrying a spare semi-auto magazine or two, you’ll understand what a difference it can make in improving your stealth, speed, and focus. After all, even small details matter when you’re building your legacy. Get inspired.

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Caliber .22

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