Match Grade is Here

Bullseye Shot After Shot

Benjamin Match Grade single-die pellets, set a new standard for hunters and target shooters that demand nothing less than pin-point accuracy.

Benjamin Pellet Packaging


This precision engineered pellet boasting a radically improved ballistic coefficient ensures higher down-range energy, a flatter trajectory, and reduced wind drift, providing shooters with unrivaled accuracy. The Match Grade .177 pellet’s superior performance was validated by Hard Air Magazine® independent testing and awarded the highly coveted Gold Award.

HAM Award Pellets Gold“With a ballistic coefficient of 0.033, the Benjamin Domed .177 Match Grade Pellet ranked top among the fifty-eight .177 caliber pellets we have tested,” said Stephen Archer, Publisher of Hard Air Magazine, “The ballistic coefficient value this pellet demonstrated is game-changing for long shots in Field Target and other types of competitive shooting.”


When Innovation and Extensive R&D Meet Almost 150 Years of Premium Airgun Know-How

Tighter Tolerance: Precision is paramount, and the Match Grade pellets are engineered with tighter tolerances and manufactured using a single-die. This unique approach ensures consistent dimensions and uniformity, delivering accuracy shooters can depend on shot after shot.

Proprietary Lead Alloy: Benjamin pellets are made with a special lead wire alloy, ensuring consistency and exceptional performance, making it a top choice for competitive shooters.

Radically Improved Ballistic Coefficient: The advanced design optimizes aerodynamics, enhancing flight stability, trajectory, and accuracy, delivering exceptional shooting performance.