Marauder Rifle Degassing Tool

The Benjamin Marauder degassing tool makes releasing excess air a quick and easy process. Overfilling your Benjamin Marauder PCP beyond the recommended specifications can cause performance issues, and it may cause the valve to lock. If you accidentally overfilled your Marauder air rifle, this tool will allow you to restore it to its proper tuning. You may also need to use this tool to fully depressurize the reservoir to empty if you plan to ship or travel with your Marauder air rifle. Check your owner’s manual for detailed instructions on how to use this tool properly.


  • Removes excess air from the Marauder's reservoir
  • Compatible with the Marauder air rifle only. This tool is not compatible with the Marauder pistol.
  • High-quality tool is made to last
  • Compact size for convenient storage
  • Refer to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions

Legendary Benjamin Quality

As a legacy brand with well over a century of rich heritage behind us, we take tremendous pride in every product we make here at Benjamin Airguns. From our distinctive air guns to our air gun parts and air rifle ammo, we hold high standards for quality, performance, ingenuity, and innovation. Even the most basic items, like this degassing tool, are designed with accuracy and attention to detail. We don’t compromise our commitment to excellence. Even if you don’t require this tool now, it’s important to have one on hand just in case you overfill your tank in the future. Pick one up so you’re always able to optimize your Benjamin Marauder to fit your personal preferences.

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