Quick Connect to Scuba Tank w/ K-Style Valve

Our FAH003 Yoke Adapter connects to SCUBA tanks with K-valves so you can refill your Benjamin PCP air rifle with ease. This SCUBA Yoke will also work with other PCP air guns with male quick-disconnect foster fittings. Even if SCUBA tanks aren’t your go-to filling method, it’s nice to preserve the option for when you’re on the move and may need to prove more resourceful. Depend on this tough and dependable adapter to hold up to regular fills. 


  • Attaches to SCUBA tanks with K-valves
  • End of the hose has a foster female quick-disconnect coupling
  • Features an integrated manometer (air pressure gauge)
  • Compatible with all Benjamin air rifles, as well as air guns with male quick-disconnect foster fittings

Benjamin Airguns is famous for outstanding customizability, and that includes the accessories you incorporate into your setup. Some shooters rely on SCUBA tanks, while others prefer to use hand pumps or even paintball CO2 tanks. Browse our Accessories and Ammo & Air sections to refill your Benjamin your way, including pumps, tanks, and other yoke adapter options. Purchase this SCUBA Yoke Adapter with full confidence, knowing we take pride in every product we make.

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