Benjamin Marauder Pistol Spare Magazine (.22)

Spare Mag for Marauder .22 Air Pistol

The auto-indexing Marauder pistol magazine holds eight rounds and reduces reloading time so you can stay focused on your target. Simply load this handy .22 pistol magazine before heading out and you’ll have a quick and convenient mag ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you’ve ever carried spare ammo tins out in the field, you know they can be noisy, cumbersome, and distracting. This spare magazine provides a simple and effective solution. Stash spare mags in your pocket, your backpack, or your Benjamin case. These magazines are only compatible with the Benjamin Marauder pistol and will not fit Marauder air rifles.


  • Holds eight .22-caliber pellets
  • Auto-indexing Marauder pistol magazine
  • Facilitates quick and easy reloading
  • Reduces noise in the field
  • *** For the .22 Benjamin Marauder PISTOL only ***

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Don’t let anything stand in your way. Little details can make a big difference, especially when you’re laser-focused on the hunt. Once you start using these spare magazines, you’ll never go back. Get inspired when you browse our other high-end air gun accessories, and don’t forget to pick up some extra air gun ammo to fill your spare mags.

The Marauder pistol is a compact air gun that packs serious power — it makes a superb air gun for taking out pests while you’re waiting for the big buck to come along. This Marauder pistol magazine will keep you focused and ready to take the shot, no hassle and no delay. Adventure awaits. Add this .22 pistol magazine to your kit so you’re always ready for it.

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SKU RC2208
Caliber .22

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