Benjamin Single Shot Tray (.177)

Single Shot Tray for Marauder and Armada Rifles (Model: SST77)

The Benjamin shot tray is a simple yet effective accessory for increasing shot-to-shot accuracy and consistency. A superb upgrade for competitive target shooters and skilled hunters who demand pinpoint precision, this single-shot magazine prevents pellet damage that can be caused by magazine rotation. This mechanism ensures that every pellet retains its integrity, naturally tightening your grouping. The tray slides directly into the multi-shot clip’s space in the breech with a snug fit. This magazine fits .177 Marauders, Armadas, and Fortitudes. Keep a single-shot mag or two in your pack or pocket so you can make your shot count whenever the need arises.


  • .177 caliber Benjamin Single Shot Tray
  • Eliminates pellet damage that can be caused by rotary magazines
  • Increases shot-to-shot accuracy and consistency
  • Compatible with Benjamin Marauders, Armadas, and Fortitudes
  • Fits tightly into the same space occupied by the multi-shot clip in the breech

Get Focused

Benjamin air guns are renowned for their exceptional performance and quality, as well as their ability to be customized to fit their owner’s unique shooting style. Our air gun parts and accessories put the power in your hands, allowing you to personalize your shooting experience. There’s no wrong or right way to wield a Benjamin—some shooters prefer rotary pellet magazines for their speed and convenience, while others use the Benjamin Single Shot Tray to really hone in on their target with each and every shot. We recommend having both options on hand so you can choose your approach on the fly. No matter which clip style you use, you can depend on our air rifle ammo for unmatched accuracy. Get inspired to achieve greatness with our single-shot magazine.

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Caliber .177

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