90 Cubic Inch Refillable Tank

Add a PCP air tank to your kit and you’ll be ready to recharge with ease. These carbon fiber PCP bottles are rated for 4500 psi and feature a bleed screw and a microbore hose with a stainless steel fill connection to make refilling your air gun a quick, simple, and controlled affair. There are also 2 integrated pressure gauges—one gauge is to see your fill pressure as you fill up the air gun and the other tells you the tank pressure. Weighing just under 5 pounds and measuring 15 inches long, a Benjamin Charging System Cylinder can fit into your backpack — an outstanding choice for carrying in the field or bringing to the range. Like all Benjamin Airguns products, this charging system meets our stringent standards for quality and performance.


  • 4500 psi carbon fiber PCP air tank
  • DOT certified
  • Capacity: 90 cu in (14.72 cubic feet)
  • Compact size fits in a backpack 
  • Lightweight for comfortable all-day carry
  • Two integrated pressure gauges and a bleed screw
  • Microbore hose with stainless steel fill connection
  • Compatible with most Benjamin PCP air rifles and pistols


How many fills can I expect from a full tank?

Results may vary, but you can expect up to 5-7 fills for air rifles and up to 25 fill for air pistols.

Where can I fill my air gun tank?

Local dive shops and paintball fields may be able to fill SCUBA and HPA air tanks. You can also contact a regional cylinder tester to find businesses in your area that can fill your PCP air tank. Call ahead to confirm that they can fill to 4500 psi.

How much does it cost to fill a tank?

Costs will vary depending on where you go, but in our experience, tank fills range in price from $5 to $15.

Do I need an adaptor?

Some air fill service providers may require an adaptor. It never hurts to keep one in your bag, just in case.

Make It Yours

Every air gunner needs at least one portable PCP air tank. Being able to recharge anywhere and anytime is crucial, especially for hunters who spend a lot of time roaming in the field. We also offer other high-quality charging systems, including hand pumps and compressors. Find the air gun accessories you need, and don’t forget to pick up some spare ammo before checking out. Adventure awaits. Make sure you’re ready for it with our handy carbon fiber PCP bottle.

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