Spare Mag for Bulldog

This Benjamin magazine is a superb upgrade for your Benjamin Bulldog .357 air rifle. Keep a 5-shot magazine or two in your pocket or pack so you can reload quickly and quietly while you’re in the field, at the range, or in the backyard. A green indicator lets you know the mag is full, and a red indicator shows when it’s empty. With each cocking motion of the Bulldog, the mag auto-rotates a fresh round into the breech. Carrying a tin of ammo is noisy and cumbersome — this clip provides a simple and effective solution. Hunting requires stealth, speed, and focus. This accessory naturally improves your performance.


  • Benjamin magazine for the Benjamin Bulldog .357
  • .357-caliber
  • Auto-rotating
  • Green and red indicators show when the mag is full or empty
  • Makes reloading quick, quiet, and easy

Get Inspired

Benjamin Airguns has continued to innovate the air gun industry ever since we were founded by Walter R. Benjamin over 100 years ago in 1882. Our distinctive air guns are firmly rooted in our rich history, but we remain committed to pushing the boundaries while delivering the quality and performance that the community has come to expect from us. Rest assured that anything that bears the Benjamin name is designed and built to be worthy of our legacy.

After adding this Benjamin magazine to your cart, be sure to pick up some extra air rifle ammo to keep it loaded and prepped for your next adventure. Explore high-quality accessories so you can upgrade and personalize your rig. A spare magazine may not seem like a must-have item, but once you start using them, you’ll appreciate the convenience, as well as the shift in how you approach every hunt. The right equipment inspires greatness. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Get focused with a Benjamin clip.

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