Quick Connect to Scuba Tank with DIN-Style Valve

The FAH004 Benjamin DIN Adapter makes it easy to fill any Benjamin air rifle using your SCUBA tank. This DIN Adapter for SCUBA tanks will also work with other PCP air guns that use a male quick-disconnect foster fitting. If you want to use a SCUBA tank for air rifle filling, or if you want to have that option ready, this is a dependable adapter you can rely on. Like all Benjamin products, this rugged adapter meets our rigid standards for quality and performance.


  • Benjamin DIN Adapter is compatible with all Benjamin air guns, as well as other PCP air guns with male quick-disconnect foster fittings
  • The end of the hose has a foster female quick-disconnect coupling compatible with SCUBA tanks
  • Allows you to use a SCUBA tank to fill your air gun

Benjamin’s air guns are as distinctive as their owners, and we go above and beyond to make sure that you can build a custom setup that fits your personal preferences and requirements. That’s why we offer an extensive variety of high-end air gun accessories that let you make your Benjamin your own, including adapters for paintball tanks and other charging systems. This Benjamin DIN Adapter is a solid choice for those who use SCUBA tanks, but we also offer hand pumps, air compressors, refillable tanks, and other refilling equipment in our Ammo & Air section. Purchase this top-of-the-line adapter with full confidence, knowing it’s built by Benjamin Airguns to last.

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Scuba DIN Adapter (FAH004) Owner's Manual View / Download

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