PCP Charging System Adaptor


This Benjamin connector is a must-own accessory that allows you to refill your 81001 and 81002 Benjamin PCP charging systems at nearly all air providers. With this PCP Charging System Adaptor, simply connect the PCP connector to the fill station with the male foster fitting nipple, and then connect the 300-DIN male adaptor to your Benjamin charging tank. This handy adaptor is also compatible with tanks with a 300-DIN female fitting. Keep this adaptor stashed in your range bag or Benjamin air rifle case, so you’re always prepared to charge, wherever your adventures take you.


  • Adaptor has a male foster-fitting nipple and a 300-DIN male adaptor
  • Benjamin connector is a suitable companion to 81001 Benjamin PCP charging systems
  • Compatible with all 300-DIN female fittings
  • Fill your tank at nearly all air providers

Get Focused

Using the right air gun parts and accessories improves your experience, so don’t wait to customize your setup. Whether you’re hunting in the field or shooting targets at the range, being able to refill your tank is a game-changer. This compact adaptor won’t take up much space in your pack, and you’ll be glad to have it on hand when you need it. Like all Benjamin Airguns products, this PCP Charging System Adaptor is built to our rigid quality and performance standards. After adding the Benjamin connector to your cart, explore our air rifle ammo, including refillable tanks, air compressors, and hand pumps. Adventure awaits. Be ready for it.

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