3 Stage High Pressure PCP Hand Pump

This 3-stage high-pressure PCP Hand Pump is designed to meet the filling needs of Benjamin PCP rifle and pistol air guns. Masterfully built to deliver smooth, consistent, and reliable performance, this PCP air pump is an absolute joy to use. It features a universal adapter that’s compatible with the Benjamin Marauder and Discovery, as well as the Crosman PCP Challenger. As a company with more than a century of experience and ingenuity, we take pride in providing the community with high-quality accessories. Rest assured that this top-of-the-line PCP air rifle hand pump will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


  • High-quality PCP air pump by Benjamin Airguns
  • Compatible with Benjamin and Crosman PCP rifle and pistol air guns
  • Features a female Foster quick-disconnect on the end of the hose
  • Integrated air pressure gauge for accurate filling
  • Delivers up to 3600 psi

Seasoned hunters, plinkers, and target shooters know that quality air gunning accessories make all of the difference, in the field or at the range. Your Benjamin air gun is a point of pride and part of your legacy, so it only makes sense to maintain it properly. You can depend on anything that bears the Benjamin name to be at the top of its class, and this rugged and reliable hand pump is no exception. Explore all of our ammo & air products to find what you need to keep your Benjamin air gun performing optimally. Never second-guess your pump again. Get yours today.

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