6 Pack of 357 Grain, High-Performance Arrows

These arrows are specially designed for use with the Benjamin Airbow and are what you need to be ready for your next harvest. Benjamin Airguns’ arrows feature a nano-ceramic Victory ICE™ coating for enhanced speed, outstanding penetration, and simplified retrieval. They also boast a unique spine alignment that increases precision and grouping. Crafted from 100% carbon fiber, these 26-inch arrows have hand-fletched, helical vanes, a 250 spine, and a total weight of 375 grains. Depend on them to deliver the exceptional performance and rugged craftsmanship you expect from Benjamin.


  • 26-inch airbow arrows crafted from 100% carbon fiber
  • Victory ICE™ coating boosts speed and penetration and makes retrieval easier
  • Specially designed for use with the Benjamin Airbow
  • Tight weight and straightness tolerances
  • Hand-fletched, helical vanes 
  • Distinctive spine alignment improves precision and grouping
  • 375 grain total weight

The innovative Benjamin Airbow is a one-of-a-kind tool that has become a favorite among airgunners looking to get into bowhunting. Its compact size and top-cocking bolt make it an excellent choice for tree stands and other environments where drawing a crossbow or recurve bow isn’t practical. Like every product that bears the Benjamin Airguns name, these arrows meet our rigid standards for quality, so order yours with full confidence. In addition to these Airbow arrows, we also carry air gun ammo for all of your Benjamin air guns, so stock up before your next hunting trip or plinking session. Experience the raw power and pinpoint precision you can only get from Benjamin.

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