.22 Cal Domed Match Pellet


Benjamin Match Grade Airgun Pellets are a premium product for those seeking some of the most accurate air gun pellets online. They are superior to standard-grade pellets, delivering incredible precision and consistency for accomplished hunters and target shooters who aim at a higher level. We craft these pellets from a single, high-quality lead wire source, and they are shaped using the same die. That means once you dial in your shot every time you pull a pellet from a tin, you know exactly what to expect. Aim and fire with confidence, knowing the head size, shape, and weight will have exceptional consistency from pellet to pellet. Although our air rifle ammo is designed to enhance the power and accuracy of Benjamin PCP air guns, they'll improve the performance of any .22-caliber air gun.


  • Match grade .22 cal pellets for dependable accuracy
  • Superior to standard-grade pellets
  • Improved process reduces chances of damage during packing
  • Longer tumbling times minimizes flash
  • Made from single-source wire and the same die for improved consistency
  • Aerodynamic domed (roundhead) shape
  • 14.3 grain
  • Compatible with all .22-caliber air guns
  • Made from high-quality lead
  • Made in the USA

Get Inspired

In order to achieve greatness, you need great gear. Every component from your air gun parts to your ammo can make or break your performance. Benjamin Airguns brings more than a century of experience to the table. Each one of these .22 cal pellets is a proud addition to our longstanding legacy. After all, pellets are much more than a chunk of lead. Beyond the impact they have on your shooting experience, every shot is part of your story. Every time you pull the trigger, you are growing your legacy. Count on Benjamin Match Grade Airgun Pellets to keep you focused, inspired, and ready for adventure. Order our most accurate and consistent air gun pellets online now to unleash your full shooting potential.

More Information
Count 400
Shape Domed
Grain Weight 14.30
Material Lead

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